Empty Bowls Fundraising Luncheon.

A huge variety of soups, breads and desserts.

Friday, November 8.

New Drop-Box.

Thanks to the Homer United Methodist Church, we have a new drop-box in a new location.  Look on the west side of the church, at the entrance to the Atrium.    Here it's out of the weather and more easily accessible.  It's a lot bigger, too.  And, it looks a lot less like a trash can.

Feed The Share-0-saurus


Make the most of your Save U More experience.

Just inside the door of the Homer Save-U-More is the lair of the Share-O-Saurus.  Be sure to purchase a few extra cans of your favorite fruits and vegetables.  Then, feed the Share-O-Saurus on your way out.

Our team of procurement drivers will check the contents of the Share-O-Saurus every day so he's ready to eat what you have to feed him.